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What can Homeopathy treat?
By treating the individual and not the disease, homeopathy can treat a wide variety of symptoms.
First Aid Situations
Short Term Illness
Chronic & Recurrent Illness
Mental & Emotional Health
Babies & Children’s Health

Youth & Adolescents Health
Women’s Health

Men’s Health
Research Trials for Homeopathy
Homeopathy in Europe
One in four EU citizens uses Homeopathy. The World Health Organisation recognises Homeopathy as one of the top complementary medicines worldwide. Studies show 70% of people reporting positive health changes after homeopathic treatment, even where conventional treatment has had little effect.
BMC Public Health 2004 4:6, NHS report on homeopathy ISBN 1 901262006 and 1901262014
Respiratory Tract Complaints
500 consecutive patients were enrolled in 30 primary care practices. The authors concluded that Homeopathy appeared to be at least as effective as conventional treatment of patients with allergies, respiratory tract infections or ear complaints. Results showed a response of 82.6% for those provided with Homeopathy vs 67.3% in the group receiving conventional medicine.
Riley D, Fischer M, Singh B Haidvogl M, Heger M, Journal of Alternative and
Complementary Medicine 2001; 7:149-159
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Randomised, double blind, placebo controlled crossover trials showing effectiveness in the areas of ADHD behavioural and cognitive functions.
Frei H et al European Journal of Pediatrics 2005 Jul 27.
Also British Homeopath Journal 2001 Oct; 90/4.
In an NHS community clinic study, 81.4% women reported improvement of menopausal symptoms after Homeopathic treatment.
Journal of the British Menopause Society Vol 11, #2 June 2005
Randomised controlled double-blind clinical trials have shown Homeopathy to be helpful for PMS.
British Homeopath Journal 2001 Jul 90(3) 148-53 and Journal of Family Planning & Reproductive Health Care 2003 Jan 29(1):6-7
Source: Irish Society of Homeopaths
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